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TruScreen Pty Limited

Компания производитель «Трускрин Пти Лимитед»

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TruScreen Pty Limited («Трускрин Пти Лимитед»)






TruScreen Group Limited (NZX/ASX: TRU) is a New Zealand-based medical device company that has developed an AI-enabled device that can detect precancerous and cancerous cervical changes in real-time via optical and electrical measurements of cervical tissue. Unlike many cervical screening devices, that have only triage/adjunct functionality, the TruScreen device is registered as a primary screening tool. TruScreen’s cervical screening technology effectively resolves many of the ongoing issues with cytology, including failed samples, poor patient follow-up, patient discomfort, and the need for supporting laboratory infrastructure. The device is CE-marked, meaning it meets EU safety, health and environmental protection standards required for sale and use throughout Europe. It is also National Medical Products Administration approved for sale in China. TruScreen is currently targeting product sales to a range of low and middle-income countries, including China, Mexico, Vietnam, Russia, and Saudi Arabia, where no large-scale cervical cancer screening programs and infrastructure are currently in place. By doing so, the Company hopes to help improve the health and wellbeing of women worldwide. The diagrams below illustrate the group and the organisational structure of TruScreen.